- eSports Starting Fall 2018 eSports is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and counts millions of gamers, fans, and some of the world’s largest investors among its…

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Our Faculty Fellow The Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees recently honored Castleton Director of Choral Activities and Music Department Chair Sherrill Blodget as the…
Director of Choral Activities Earns Faculty Fellow Distinction · Castleton University
Music · Castleton University
Preston Garcia Earns Grant Dr. Preston Garcia (far right) was awarded a $300,000 research grant from the National Science Foundation.
Preston Garcia Earns $300,000 Research Grant · Castleton University
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Collaboration, Innovation, and Transformation Castleton University officially installs President Karen M. Scolforo in front of capacity crowd.
Castleton University Installs President Scolforo · Castleton University
eSports Starting Fall 2018 eSports is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and counts millions of gamers, fans, and some of the world’s largest investors among its…
eSports Headlines Club Sports Growth · Castleton University
The Vermont Academy of Fine Arts at Castleton University Growing the Arts A competitive, innovative, and immersive new program seeks to cultivate students with a passion for the arts.
Vermont’s First Fine Arts Academy Coming to Castleton · Castleton University
VIDEO Together, We Will Change the World We are Castleton, a university where individuals matter, differences are celebrated, and relationships are central to everything we do.
Together, We Will Change the World · Castleton University
Keeping it Green “My education at Castleton helped me to have the confidence it takes to become an entrepreneur."
Keeping it Green · Castleton University
Media & Communication
Media and Communication · Castleton University
Healing Honduras “To be so openly welcomed and to make such deep connections with people who don’t even speak the same language as me was an amazing feeling. I was…
Lending A Helping Hand · Castleton University
Nursing · Castleton University
Study Abroad Program Honored More than doubling the number of Castleton students taking advantage of study abroad opportunities, the Castleton Study Abroad Office was recently awarded…
Study Abroad Program Receives Seal of Excellence · Castleton University
Science at the Statehouse Castleton University students present scientific research created side-by-side with their faculty mentors at Vermont Statehouse.
Science at the Statehouse · Castleton University
Next Level Storytelling Castleton University's innovative new Content Lab seeks to take experiential learning to the next level.
Innovative Content Lab Focuses on Storytelling · Castleton University
Castleton Beast Pass Spartans Ski Free Castleton is an incredible place to live, learn, work, and play. We've made it easier to connect all four through a partnership with Killington.
Students Ski Free Thanks to New Partnership · Castleton University
Creating Global Change Isaac Devoid ‘17 is taking his volunteer efforts to a more global level as he begins a two-year of volunteer service for the Peace Corps.
Creating Global Change · Castleton University
From Castleton to the Caribbean Sarah Babin '05 took her love of the earth and its oceans on a successful, yet unexpected journey.
Castleton Degree Leads Alumna to Successful Entrepreneurial Venture · Castleton University
A World of Faces Showcasing the many faces of diversity at Castleton, international student Zhenting Wang focused her final project on sharing the heritage of her peers…
A World of Faces · Castleton University
Amber Strong The Castleton community rallied around one of their own in a time of need. It's who we are, it's what we do. #AmberStrong
Amber Strong · Castleton University
Dec 01 Psychic Fair
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eSports Headlines Club Sports Growth · Castleton University News & Media Calendars Library Directory Alumni & Giving Castleton MenuWell-nighCastleton Quick Facts Our Campus President Karen Scolforo Our Leadership Our Faculty Our Academic Philosophy Host aPrimingor Event on Campus Public Disclosure Employment Opportunities Academics Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs Our Faculty Professional Development & Continuing Education Study Abroad Research Educational & Cultural Events Career Services & InternshipsPolityEngagement Academic Support Academic Resources Campus Life Campus & the Region Residence Life Clubs & Activities Arts & Culture Student Resources Campus Safety Religious Life Inclusive Excellence International Student Office Castleton StorePolityCommunity Engagement Center forPolityEngagement Sustainability & Green Campus Initiatives SpartanSceneFitness Center Arts The Casella Theater Arts Facilities Art Galleries Arts Reach Performing Arts Calendar Becoming a Fine or Performing Arts Student Supporting the Arts at Castleton Contact Us AthleticsWilta Spartan News & Updates Athletic Facilities Sports Camps & Clinics Hall of Fame Spartan Shield Society Give to Athletics SpartanSceneAthletic Bands Admissions Request Information For First-Year Students For Transfer Students For International Students For Graduate Students For Veterans Early College & Dual Enrollment Visit Tuition & Fees Financial Aid & Scholarships Contact the Admissions Team Home News & Media eSports Headlines Club Sports Growth This Section eSports Headlines Club Sports Growth News The Office of Marketing & Communications Social Media Hub Make a Web Request Submit an Event or Story The Castleton Spartan Press Room Share Your News or Event! Want us to help spread your news or event? Tell us more, here! Submit Newsletter Archive Did you miss one of our monthly newsletters? Catch up, or largest yet sign up to get the next one! Browse the Archive eSports Headlines Club Sports Growth July 26, 2018 Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Print This Castleton University is moving swiftly into the future. Having widow several cutting-edge initiatives once this spring and summer, the university spoken Thursday that it will be subtracting eSports to its growing list of club sports offerings. eSports is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and counts millions of gamers, fans, and some of the world’s largest investors among its supporters. Chief Technology Officer Gayle Malinowski and Castleton sophomore Jac Culpo (pictured whilom editing video with Professor Andrew Wilson) will serve as the counselor and club president respectively and the duo has once taken the lead in recruiting team members. “We sent out emails to current and admitted students older this summer letting them know we were starting eSports and scrutinizingly immediately we had 20 students reply,” equal to Culpo. “With the growth and popularity of the industry, and the investments pouring into the gaming world, there is one major market that has still gone largely untouched, and that’s collegiate eSports. There are only virtually 60 varsity teams in the country and a few dozen club-level organizations like ours.” Varsity sports have been a strong presence at Castleton University dating when to the early 1960’s when teams competed in the NAIA. A transition to the NCAA Division III in 2001 signaled growth was on the horizon. “The growth in varsity sports at Castleton University has been well documented,” said Castleton University President Dr. Karen M. Scolforo. “Since the turn of the century, we have increasingly than doubled our varsity offerings from 12 sports to 28 and increasingly than quadrupled the number of student-athletes on campus from 150 to nearly 700 during that same span. This fall we will have a record number of student-athletes on campus thanks to some of the recent recruiting initiatives we’ve added. I am thrilled to see club sports now taking off and flourishing thanks to an empowered student body.” As a former student-athlete and mentor at Castleton, Dean of Advancement Jeff Weld appreciates the growth and sustentation that varsity sports has provided the university, but the growth in club sports has infused new energy at the university. “Club sports at Castleton has wilt this burgeoning thoroughfare for our students to create, operate, and compete in a sport well-nigh which they are passionate,” Weld said. “I have watched with swooning as our students come up with an idea, take it to Chappy (Chris Chapdelaine, Club Sports Advisor), and together they just wrack-up it up into this wondrous opportunity for our students.” Chapdelaine has been instrumental in empowering students and cultivating a growth mindset that has brought club sports to the forefront of the university. “There is no limit to the growth of club sports,” said Chapdelaine. “It is all well-nigh our students and what they want to do and see at the university which makes it very rewarding to see ideas come to fruition. They provide an opportunity for many to protract to do something they love in an environment that supports their interests while getting the personalized, high-quality education Castleton offers. My mindset has unchangingly been, ‘the increasingly opportunities we can offer the better’ and then I’ve just tried to support our students as weightier as I am able.” Chapdelaine is well-known by many as the throne mentor of the Spartan varsity women’s soccer team. He has guided the team to priming championships, earnedMentorof the Year honors, and has built a program based on nonflexible work and respect in the classroom, on the field, and in the community. It is this dual role which has unliable for Chapdelaine to have a unique perspective on the club sports community. “As a varsity coach, I make a majority of the decisions for our program based on what I believe is in the weightier interest of the university and our students. One of the really tomfool things well-nigh club sports is that the students make the decisions based upon meetings they have with teammates and they utilize a formal governance structure. My role is to help guide them through the process and squire in towers their vision using my experiences in athletics and with the broader university community.” Castleton students have recently widow badminton, bowling, cycling, curling, and ultimate frisbee to the growing list of club sports. Badminton and cycling each boast rosters of increasingly than two dozen students, while the bowling team had the fourth-ranked bowler in the country this past season. The success of these programs makes the prospects for eSports very enticing.Equalto Weld, the potential of eSports is endless. “I know just unbearable well-nigh eSports to know it’s a win-win for us to add,” Weld said. “When the League of Legends is selling out 80,000 seats in an Olympic stadium to witness their championships live, and flipside 57 million are tuning in online, you know there is huge potential. I am a traditional sports fan who was admittedly skeptical of the potential at first, but those numbers are staggering when you consider 40 million people watched Game 7 of the 2016 World Series and that set a 25-year upper water mark.” While Castleton considered subtracting eSports as a varsity program initially, the visualization to encourage its students to build the program surpassing sooner elevating it to varsity status held vast request to all involved. “Our students are the ones with the knowledge wiring in this arena,” Weld said. “It’s not as if we are subtracting a traditional sport such as football or ice hockey where there is a very well-spoken model to follow. This is all very embryonic, and to have students at the forefront ways that the program will be built through their lens, making it increasingly well-flavored to future Spartans.” With several opportunities to create meaningful collaborations both on campus and off, Weld has seen a wealth of new energy born from this single club. “My role with the university is to build bridges, create connections, and whop the university utilizing a collaborative process. There are very few opportunities where I can point to a single club and say, the Information Technology staff is excited well-nigh helping with technology infrastructure, the Student Life office is excited well-nigh increasingly opportunities for student engagement, the Admissions office is excited well-nigh flipside engaging enrollment driver, and the Development office has an untapped thoroughfare to seek new funding partners and naming opportunities. It’s just a quintessentially Castleton moment, where everyone comes together in support of our students to build a transformational experience. For me, it doesn’t get any largest than that.” Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Print This Share Your News or Event! Want us to help spread your news or event? Tell us more, here! Submit Newsletter Archive Did you miss one of our monthly newsletters? Catch up, or largest yet sign up to get the next one! Browse the Archive Castleton Castleton University, Castleton, VT 05735 (800) 639-8521 Resources VSC Portal Contact Us Maps & Directions Employment Castleton Store © 2018 Castleton University. All rights reserved. A-Z Index Privacy Policy Emergency Information Accessibility Twitter Facebook Flickr Instagram LinkedIn youtube MeritWell-nighCastleton Academics Campus LifePolityArts Athletics Admissions News & Media Calendars Library Directory Alumni & Giving